I am so happy to announce that since trying to conceive since June 2019 I am finally pregnant! My due date is September 23, 2022 and we are excited to announce that we are having a girl! It has been such a journey to even have our miracle rainbow baby girl!

I was infertile for two years and then in 2021 I was able to find out that I had Endometriosis and that was causing my infertility. I got a laparoscopy done in July 2021 and then healed for a month from my surgery and then started IVF in September 2021. My whole IVF journey took 2 months and in October 2021 I got pregnant via IVF but got a miscarriage two weeks after my embryo transfer.

I was so depressed and was super sad that my baby didn’t stick but was happy that I even got to experience pregnancy even if it was a short amount of time. After this the hubby and I took a 3 month break to really have my body heal and then in December 2021 we conceived and then found out I was pregnant in January 2022.

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and am so happy to make it to my second trimester. I thought I would never get to this point. My first trimester was so hard I was super nauseous and tired. I literally felt like a whole different person. I couldn’t even function and I always had a foggy brain.

My diet was the biggest change I literally couldn’t eat any meat or veggies and that was my favorite foods before pregnancy. I always ate a well rounded meal where I would have veggies, protein and beans. But in my first trimester I barely ate and could only eat carbs and berries. I couldn’t handle anything else if I tried to eat something else I would throw it up. It was such a miserable feeling especially when I threw up! I hate throwing up I felt like a demon was coming out of me lol!

Even though I was feeling so shitty in my first trimester I was so happy to be able to feel all the pregnancy symptoms! I didn’t think too much about it since I was in survival mode every day but looking at my little pregnancy belly I am so grateful and happy.

It feels so surreal for me still but it became more of a reality when I went to get my first check up during my 8 week of pregnancy! I was able to see my little baby bean and hear the heartbeat! I literally was in tears and couldn’t believe that my baby bean was in my belly!

Then at my 10 weeks of pregnancy I went to go get my blood work done to get genetic testing and to find out the sex of my baby! So at 12 weeks I was able to do a gender reveal with my immediate family and found out it was a girl it was such a great day!

At first the months felt so slow cause I was so anxious and nervous that I was going to lose my baby due to a miscarriage but now going into my second trimester I am loving pregnancy and feeling so happy and blessed!!

First Month of Pregnancy!
Second Month of Pregnancy!
Three Month Pregnancy!

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