Getting More In Tuned with My Spirituality and Doing an Akashic Records Reading

So for a while I was really lost with life and super depressed having to go through infertility since 2019 and then going through so much pain with Endometriosis. I was following Paleomg and she was talking about how she did an Akashic reading and that really changed her life and got lots of answers that she needed. This sounded perfect for me since I just needed some type of answers during this dark time in my life! So I actually looked into it and booked a session. I did an Akashic Records reading on July 5, 2021 and it was one of the best experiences ever! I had my Akashic Records reading with Kimber Tiernan.

If you don’t know what an Akashic Records reading is it is a person who has the ability to open your records to your soul and your soul path. So the gifted person can gain information from the time your soul was created, about your past lives, present situations, and future possibilities as well. It’s always revealed to you what you need to learn in that moment, at that time, to support you on your journey in life!

The Akashic records are a unique modality. The information is 100 percent focused on that person whose records are open, so if you want to learn about someone else, you have to first ask for consent to go into their records. Anything you learn about someone else will be through the perception of your record or your interpretation of that person. You don’t learn about anyone else’s soul’s path.

You can also use the records for business. You can use it for a creative process. You can open up the record of a physical space by entering the address as opposed to the name of the person into the prayer. If you’re going to go in just for yourself, you can ask about career, finances, love, inspiration. People have used them to write books and screenplays. What you can learn in that space is infinite.

So during my Akashic reading I was able to ask all the questions that have been running through my mind for the past two years. Am I going to be able to have a child? Is IVF going to work for me? If I do get pregnant will it be a boy or girl? Just having these big questions answered for me totally helped me and gave me hope! I was able to finally trust in the universe and believe that everything will be ok!

Our session was an hour and we just kept talking about everything and anything about my whole life and what I needed more answers with. After my session I knew I was going to be ok and everything started getting better from then on! It turned on a light switch for me and totally changed my mindset and attitude. It showed me that who I am and how I perceive my life to be is on me! If I am gonna keep being negative I will keep attracting negative energy. So I changed my mindset and learned and practiced to be more positive. That was when I really started to get into meditation and started walking and figuring out what was good for me!

Also during my session I was able to discover that my life is just so much more than just being a Patent Paralegal it pushed me to do my calling of helping others through Health and Life Coaching! This is how it lead me to do my blog and to start Happy Vibes LLC! Just in one session it changed so much for me!

I really believe that you are put here on this universe for a reason and everyone has a purpose! Without purpose in life then there really is no point to life! Just by channeling this though process it totally made sense to me and helped me get through life and led me to the life I ever wanted and dreamt about! I am finally now pregnant with my baby girl which Kimber did predict! Also now I am here actually a certified Health and Life Coach!

If you really need help finding your spiritual side I can help you with this and really tap into what is going on with your life! Trust me I was so lost but I found myself again and its ok to be lost but the thing is finding a person to help you get out of it is so important! Believe me you may feel stuck and lost but there is always someone who is willing to be here for you and wants the best for you and I am that person!! So reach out to me if you ever need anything!! I believe that I am put on this earth to help others!

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