Eating at Alexander Steakhouse in Cupertino for Mother’s Day 2022 and Celebrating Closing our House!

SOOOOOO we finally bought a HOUSE!!! It’s been a huge dream of mine and it seriously has been such a journey to get a home. The house market in the bay area is insane its sooo expensive and super competitive! But we DID IT!!! I still think its so surreal but we will be able to give our daughter a home to go home to!! So I am so excited!! We celebrated at Alexander’s Steak House and it was such a treat! Literally Alexander’s is my hubby and I’s favorite steak house!

We always get their dry aged t bone steak, hamachi shots and the soufflé! Since I am pregnant I got a halibut since I can’t eat raw meat and raw seafood =( I always like my steaks medium rare and right now during pregnancy I HATE dry meat so no steak for me or hamachi shots!!

We took the mommas to eat here to celebrate mothers day also and they were happy!

My pictures and video literally explains how amazing the food is!! We got pretty much all the sides LOL! Since that’s pretty much the only thing I can eat. Love their truffle mac n cheese, croissants, mashed potatoes and truffle fries!!

The Mommas and our Realtor!
Peach Salad to Start! 5 out of 5 it was so refreshing and I dont like greens during pregnancy!
Surf and Turf 5 out of 5

Halibut 2 out of 5 it was dry =(
Got complimentary Cotton Candy and the flavor of the day was watermelon! So GOOOD!!! 5 out of 5
Got the 50-50 Mocktail (Fresh OJ, Vanilla Bean Bubbles)
Got Cookies as a gift for mothers day!! The cookies were amazing!!
Smores Soufflé 5 out of 5
All the Appetizers and Sides!!

This literally will be our last fancy meal in a while!! We are broke now from purchasing a home and now need to save up for baby girl!!

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