Eating at Nep Cafe in Fountain Valley, CA

Since I was visiting my sister and niece in Irvine we went to try a very popular Vietnamese infused brunch spot! My friend Christine recommended coming here she said they have delicious food and really good coffee drinks so I said of course I wanna go and try it out!! Definitely make a reservation cause this place is packed even on a regular week day! We made a reservation for 11:15am but still had to wait 30 min to wait for the big party to leave so we can take that table.

This place is more of a sharing type and everything is so decadent and heavy so I highly suggest to order different things and share!!

We got the Beef Tongue Fried Rice, Bone Marrow Toast, Banh Mi Chao (Filet Mignon), The “DAO” and the Crab Toast. For the coffee the waiter suggested to try the Egg coffee Ca Phe Trung and the Ube coffee Ca Phe Dua Ube.

This spot is pretty pricy and I think it’s a place to try once but I don’t think I would go often and crave this type of food.

Ca Phe Trung (Egg Coffee) 4 out of 5
Ca Phe Dua Ube (Ube Coffee) 5 out of 5
Bone Marrow & Toast 5 out of 5
Banh Mi Chao (Filet Mignon) 3 out of 5
Crab Toast with Soft Scrambled Egg and Toast 4 out of 5
Beef Tongue Fried Rice 4 out of 5
The “DAO” 5 out of 5

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