Eating at Udon Mugizo

I took my Health/Life Coach partner for her birthday to Udon Mugizo in San Jose. She loved it! She wanted to get some really good Udon that had tempura and so this was the perfect spot!

We all ordered the Tonkotsu Udon with different level of spice and got a side order of combination tempura and corn tempura! All the food was delicious!

My Health/Life Coach Partner and I
Corn Tempura 3 out of 5
Tonkatsu Udon 4 out of 5
Combination Tempura 3 out of 5

There were alot of selections on Udon and appetizers. This place is good for fresh hand made Udon and the broth was yummy! I am not a huge tempura fan but the batter was good!

We ended our night getting Bingsu and Somi Somi for dessert! It was the perfect way to end the night! The dessert we got it at Cupertino Square.

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