Half Moon Bay with the Hubby Dec 2021

The hubby and I went to Half Moon Bay and stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and it was soooo amazing!! We wanted to get away since we were so stressed from me recovering from my laparoscopy, then went right to doing IVF and then got a miscarriage! So this was such a nice treat to just get away since Half Moon Bay is not too far of a drive for us as well. It was only an hour and a half drive from San Jose.

We went in the beginning of December and there were Christmas decorations up already so it made the hotel look really festive. The weather wasn’t too cold as well we went on a great weekend with no clouds! We went to Devil’s Slide Coastal Trail to look at some nice views and then ate at the Ritz Carlton restaurant. We even walked around downtown Half Moon Bay to get some treats.

We even did our first couples massage!! The hubby hates massages but he actually liked his masseuse. After our massage we got to hang out in the jacuzzi to relax together and have some champagne that was gifted to us by the hotel! Such a relaxing weekend and highly recommend to stay at the Ritz Carlton if you can!

Us in the Jacuzzi after getting our couples massage!
Ritz Carlton Private Beach Watching the Sunset
The Ritz Carlton
Walkway to the Private Beach from Ritz Carlton

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