My Experience at IChina in San Jose

Finally got to try out IChina at Valley Fair in San Jose. I went January 2022. It was such a great experience I took the family my hubby, twin sister, my brother in law, niece and mother to try it out and to take them for buying a home!!

It was a set menu and I thought it was good it was a Chinese infused style with a modern twist. This was a great place to at least try once and to go for a special occasion! Also the service was fantastic! Our waiter was super nice. For me a good experience is the waiter giving us good service and good food and this place had both! Also the ambiance and the decorations is amazing!

Event the bathroom was really nice!! It seemed like I was in Emerald City lol!
The Set Menu You Only Get to Pick One from Each Category!
Lost in Shanghai
Lucky Jade
Dumplings 5 out of 5
Ginseng Chicken Broth 4 out of 5
Seafood Hot and Sour Soup 5 out of 5
Chilean Sea Bass 5 out of 5
Pork Belly 5 out of 5
XO Fried Rice 5 out of 5
Beef Wagyu 5 out of 5
Hokkaido Scallop and Prawns 5 out of 5
Matcha Roulade 5 out of 5
Creamy Crème Brule 5 out of 5

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