Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Second Trimester of Pregnancy has been filing treating me much better than the first trimester! I am able to finally get a little bit of my appetite back! I can also eat more meat/protein and greens instead of eating just carbs all day long and sweets. Of course I still LOVEEEE my sweets but at least I can feed baby girl some nutritious stuff. We have picked out a name for her too and I can’t wait to share until our baby shower!

My belly has grown alot but I am still able to have enough energy to go for walks and to work out 3 times a week which I am so happy about. Being mobile for me is super important and I want to try to stay healthy and fit as much as possible during my pregnancy. My boobs and belly are growing huge and they are sore! Also I am finally feeling baby girl kick, flutter around in my stomach which is still a trip! She startles me sometimes cause the kick is so hard!

I am literally living off of Half Baked Ice Cream, Berries, Cereal and Bread.

5 months pregnant!
My boobs are growing and has a lot of Veins!
At my 16 week appointment!

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