Surviving Covid While Pregnant!

So one of my worse fears happened, I caught COVID during my pregnancy. It was during the end of my second trimester, I was 25-26 weeks pregnant. So I caught it from a family member which they told me right away when they got it. So I started testing using the rapid Covid tests and so for the first three days from my exposure to covid and it was negative but I was already feeling fatigue. I was taking naps on my second and third day of exposure to Covid. I knew it was not pregnancy fatigue it felt so different and more in my head that I was just soo exhausted and had a headache. Finally tested the fourth day and it showed up as positive on the rapid test. I definitely was tired and started having chest pains and had a fever. The fourth to sixth day was the worse for me! I had to sleep up right while i slept so I could breath better and help with the coughing. It felt like a really really bad flu. I was so miserable! But luckily the hubby didn’t catch it and was taking care of me the whole time. He got me Tylenol to eat since that was the only medicine safe during pregnancy to take to help with my headaches. The headaches was sooo bad!! He got me lots of pedialyte and gatorade to drink to get electrolytes in me! I drank so much water too since that was what my doctor told me to do is to keep hydrated! Finally felt better day 7 after a week of catching it where I was able to go for a walk around my neighborhood. I finally tested negative on day 8 of my quarantine! But hubby was paranoid that I can still spread it so I masked up to 10 days of catching COVID.

Man it was so miserable being so sick like this and being pregnant! I literally don’t wish it on anyone. I believe that this strain was so bad that you are congested, super tired and have a huge headache. So your coughing hard, and always having to blow your nose and just tired. Luckily I had my booster shot last year. I feel like it really helped me recover faster and within the time frame! Also I have asthma so anything with not being able to breath scares me! So glad I was able to survive this and not have to be hospitalized.

The hubby made me a care package next to my bed!!

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