Working Out in My Third Trimester

I have been working out throughout my whole pregnancy and I feel like it is super important to keep active and mobile while being pregnant! I don’t want to completely lose myself muscles and my abilities! I know that when I was sick with Endometriosis and had my laparoscopy I recovered faster since I was able to have the muscles to get myself out of bed and to walk around. So that mentality has stuck with me for my pregnancy.

Right now I still use sweat app working out 3 times a week and then walking 5 times a week for 35 mins. Here is a work out with weights that I do! I don’t go hard core I only use 5 pound weights! I know I can push harder but the hubby wont let me so I compromised with him! Also my workouts are about 20-30 mins.

I am so lucky to have my body allow me to still work out and be able to do the things that I want to! I know some woman get crazy swelling and I am glad I don’t have that yet! My belly is just growing bigger which makes it harder for me to walk around and I get out of breath faster but for the most part I can still move around and do everything myself!

Also before I work out I always start with a 5 min warmup and then after my workouts I do a quick 3-5 min cool down so I don’t injure myself!

Lastly if I am up for it I would do yoga or stretches on the days I don’t work out! I try to stretch out my muscles so they don’t tense up and I just want my muscles to be less stiff!

Goblet Sumo Squats 12 Reps 3x
Front Raise 15 Reps 3x
Romanian Deadlift 12 reps 3x
Bent Over Reverse Fly 15 reps 3x
Squat Puls 45sec
Table Top Jackknife 45 sec

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