Buying A Home!

The hubby and I was finally able to purchase our first home together in April 2022!! We got to finally move in June 25, 2022. It’s been a journey to getting a home in the bay area! It is so competitive in the bay area so we really did not have high expectations. We’ve been wanting to buy our own home for the past two years so we have been saving for a down payment. It helped that we lived with the In-Laws for a year and a half to save money!

So I got pregnant and we really wanted to have our own space so we started really looking in February 2022 and would go to open houses every weekend. It took about a month of looking till we landed on this house! We just put in an offer and the original home buyers picked us! It was such a happy day for the both of us!! The process in the bay area is fast you go see the house on the weekend then the following Tuesday to Thursday the home owners will look at the offers and then pick someone! So we knew within a couple of days if we got the house or not!

We were so surprised that we got picked for the house getting the call from our relator was so surreal. I remember it was 8pm and I just finished working out and our relator called us and told us the news!! It took a month to close and do all the paper work for the home and getting a loan! Then we had to wait about 2 months till we moved in since we gave the original home owners 60 days rent back so they can buy their new home and then pack and move out.

So finally we are settling into our home and buying all this new furniture and buying all new utensils etc! It’s so exciting that the hubby and I get to live together just us after being together for 11 years! This is the first time we have our own space and it’s in OUR own home!!

I seriously love my home even though it is a town home and we share walls with other people at least our neighbors are quiet and the house is 3 stories but it’s nice and clean and OUR space and we get to pick everything for it!

The original home owners also took really good care of this house and they repainted the whole house, got new kitchen appliances and got new carpet for upstairs so it looks so new!

2022 has been a super blessing and now I am just nestling in my new home waiting for our baby girl to come and live in her home!!

This is the first floor with the fire place!! We plan on making this room baby girls play room!

Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Office/Guest Bedroom
Baby Girls Bedroom
This is our kitchen and living room! We plan on putting a coach and tv here!
First and Second Level (Dining Area)
Second Bathroom
Half Bathroom (Guest Bathroom)

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