My Religion and What I Believe In!

Since Covid, so 2020 I have been attending Taoism class every other Saturdays via Zoom. I attend a class from Tong De Temple with 2-3 lectures who teach me about Taoism which is not really considered a religion but a way to learn to be your true self by doing good in the world and being virtuous.

At first I wasn’t really into attending this class but I started learning new methods to live life and to just learn to be a good person! Why not try to be my best self here on earth!

I guess I would consider myself a Buddhist but I am not hard core religious. All in all I believe that being a good person and doing the right thing is most important and to keep spreading love and not hate.

I would join in on going to temple or lighting in-scents for ritual purposes which I feel like is more for my heritage which correlates with believing in different gods or a higher being that is watching us and protecting us.

Such as joining in on Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, Moon Festivals, or rituals when people pass with lighting in-scents and paper to the person who passed.

The Chinese culture is so rich and full of history and I love it so much. I hope to continue on teaching my kids about Taoism and Buddhism which correlate with each other which the main purpose is to teach you about being your true self. For me my true self is to be calm, happy and peaceful with life.

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