Why hello. I’m Kathy and I have Stage 4 Endometriosis and have been trying to conceive (TTC) since 2019! I am food obsessed, family oriented and am a health and life coach!

I am a first generation Chinese American who grew up in a little town called Morgan Hill and was privileged enough to be able to work at a small age at my parents American Fast Food restaurant called Sno White Drive In. At a young age I got to learn how making money is not easy! I would help my parents cook, clean, take orders, make the orders and communicate with lots of different people. I hated this at a young age since I didn’t get to play and be carefree like other kids. But as I grew up I appreciated all the life lessons I got to learn at such a young age! I learned how to communicate and read people by their actions, I was able to be compassionate, be quick and good at multitasking and lastly I have a great work ethic that I use through out my adult life!

So with my strong work ethic brought me to UCLA which I studied International Developmental Studies. I always wanted to help others and I thought that working with the government to help develop third world countries would be an amazing career for me. But that obviously didn’t work out, my parents wanted me to go to law school or go to medical school so I just ended up going to get my paralegal certificate which led me to become a Patent Paralegal.

I knew I had a purpose in life of helping others which Patent Paralegal doesn’t really satisfy that purpose. So through my infertility journey I was able to find health and life coaching!

I have received my Health and Life Coaching Certificate from Health Coach Institute! This has been such a wonderful journey and now I can use my people skills to really help others and really help change people’s lives!

So I help people confidently create connection, lead with impact and be able to love with intention. Strong emphasis on emotionally intelligence.

My mission is to enable awareness towards mindset and dis-servicing beliefs so you can understand and articulate your emotions, create deeper partnerships, and take personal responsibility for your habits. Along the way I would also love to spread Endometriosis and infertility awareness with my journey!

I write this blog and have this website so I can support you by being honest, transparent and vulnerable; allowing each conversation to create simple, yet profound (sometimes uncomfortable) insights and actions that serve as tools to transform your experience of self, enhance communication and culture and uplevel leadership methods.

What People Say

Kathy is a SUPER motivational life coach. I really appreciate how she focuses the sessions on positivity and progress. It helped me adopt lifestyle changes that are healthy for my body and mentality.

Charlie Vuong

I would highly recommend Kathy as a health and life coach. I spent most of my life lost on how to live a healthier life as well as maintaining it for the long run. Kathy was able to provide me with the life coaching I needed to keep my health in order. I now have a solid eating and work out plan that I am self motivated to do which I have maintained for over 4 years now. Not only has working out and eating healthier helped me physically, but it also helped me mentally. I feel overall much happier and less stressed after a long day of work. With Kathy’s health and life tips I continue to thrive in my life. Check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it! My only regret was not talking to her earlier!

Dorothy Mou

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s build something together.