Eating Brunch at Tableau Kitchen and Bar in Irvine!

This brunch spot inside the mall was amazing!! It is an asian infused brunch spot with lots of variety and great drinks and baked goods!!! My older sister took the hubby, my momma and I to try it out and I loved it! We ordered so much food from Chicken and Waffles, Jasmine Toast, EggplantContinue reading “Eating Brunch at Tableau Kitchen and Bar in Irvine!”

Celebrating Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary at The Sea By Alexanders

Can’t believe it has already been 3 years since I got married to the love of my life!! This year the hubby took me to The Sea by Alexander’s since I can’t eat medium rare steak he picked this place instead so I have more seafood options! The hubby even surprised me with Susie CakesContinue reading “Celebrating Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary at The Sea By Alexanders”

Working Out in My Third Trimester

I have been working out throughout my whole pregnancy and I feel like it is super important to keep active and mobile while being pregnant! I don’t want to completely lose myself muscles and my abilities! I know that when I was sick with Endometriosis and had my laparoscopy I recovered faster since I wasContinue reading “Working Out in My Third Trimester”

Eating Tapas at VACA in Costa Mesa

The hubby and I visited Irvine end of January 2022 and early February 2022 to celebrate the hubbies bday! Our friends took us to this really amazing tapas place! I was actually 5 weeks pregnant during this time and just found out that I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink and eat raw food andContinue reading “Eating Tapas at VACA in Costa Mesa”