Eating at Nep Cafe in Fountain Valley, CA

Since I was visiting my sister and niece in Irvine we went to try a very popular Vietnamese infused brunch spot! My friend Christine recommended coming here she said they have delicious food and really good coffee drinks so I said of course I wanna go and try it out!! Definitely make a reservation causeContinue reading “Eating at Nep Cafe in Fountain Valley, CA”

Eating at Alexander Steakhouse in Cupertino for Mother’s Day 2022 and Celebrating Closing our House!

SOOOOOO we finally bought a HOUSE!!! It’s been a huge dream of mine and it seriously has been such a journey to get a home. The house market in the bay area is insane its sooo expensive and super competitive! But we DID IT!!! I still think its so surreal but we will be ableContinue reading “Eating at Alexander Steakhouse in Cupertino for Mother’s Day 2022 and Celebrating Closing our House!”

Getting My Excision Laparoscopy

So I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis in March 2021 because an ultrasound technician was able to figure out that my cysts were actually Endometriomas. My Endometriomas would grow at an exponential rate each month and was causing me sooooo much pain! I never felt this type of stabbing pain where you felt like youContinue reading “Getting My Excision Laparoscopy”

Getting More In Tuned with My Spirituality and Doing an Akashic Records Reading

So for a while I was really lost with life and super depressed having to go through infertility since 2019 and then going through so much pain with Endometriosis. I was following Paleomg and she was talking about how she did an Akashic reading and that really changed her life and got lots of answersContinue reading “Getting More In Tuned with My Spirituality and Doing an Akashic Records Reading”

Eating Birds Nest Soup During Pregnancy

Bird’s nest is a well-known delicacy in Chinese cuisine, it is a widely consumed food with health benefits. Especially amongst pregnant women, the edible bird’s nest contain essential nutrients which potentially benefit the baby and mother during pregnancy. So in Chinese tradition it is really good for mothers to eat Birds Nest Soup during pregnancyContinue reading “Eating Birds Nest Soup During Pregnancy”


I am so happy to announce that since trying to conceive since June 2019 I am finally pregnant! My due date is September 23, 2022 and we are excited to announce that we are having a girl! It has been such a journey to even have our miracle rainbow baby girl! I was infertile forContinue reading “I AM PREGNANT AND MY FIRST TRIMESTER EXPERIENCE!!!”

Finally Getting Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Finally being in my 30s I have been officially diagnosed with Endometriosis! I had my period at the age of 13 and had to wait until I was 32 to be diagnosed with Endometriosis. The average time for getting a proper diagnosis on Endometriosis is about 6-10 years! It literally took almost 22 years toContinue reading “Finally Getting Diagnosed with Endometriosis”