My Religion and What I Believe In!

Since Covid, so 2020 I have been attending Taoism class every other Saturdays via Zoom. I attend a class from Tong De Temple with 2-3 lectures who teach me about Taoism which is not really considered a religion but a way to learn to be your true self by doing good in the world and being virtuous.

At first I wasn’t really into attending this class but I started learning new methods to live life and to just learn to be a good person! Why not try to be my best self here on earth!

I guess I would consider myself a Buddhist but I am not hard core religious. All in all I believe that being a good person and doing the right thing is most important and to keep spreading love and not hate.

I would join in on going to temple or lighting in-scents for ritual purposes which I feel like is more for my heritage which correlates with believing in different gods or a higher being that is watching us and protecting us.

Such as joining in on Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, Moon Festivals, or rituals when people pass with lighting in-scents and paper to the person who passed.

The Chinese culture is so rich and full of history and I love it so much. I hope to continue on teaching my kids about Taoism and Buddhism which correlate with each other which the main purpose is to teach you about being your true self. For me my true self is to be calm, happy and peaceful with life.

Eating Brunch at Tableau Kitchen and Bar in Irvine!

This brunch spot inside the mall was amazing!! It is an asian infused brunch spot with lots of variety and great drinks and baked goods!!!

My older sister took the hubby, my momma and I to try it out and I loved it! We ordered so much food from Chicken and Waffles, Jasmine Toast, Eggplant sandwich, burger, fries and chicken salad!

We even got some pandan and ube cookies to go! This place is quiet and nice and the service was awesome.

If you are ever in irvine this place is a must try!

Chicken Salad
Jasmine Frenchtoast
Eggplant sandwich
French Fries
Chicken and Waffles

Celebrating Our Three Year Wedding Anniversary at The Sea By Alexanders

Can’t believe it has already been 3 years since I got married to the love of my life!! This year the hubby took me to The Sea by Alexander’s since I can’t eat medium rare steak he picked this place instead so I have more seafood options!

The hubby even surprised me with Susie Cakes Cupcakes and a slice of chocolate cake! It was so delicious!

We started our meal with a nice beverage the hubby got a glass of red wine and he ordered me a mocktail it was like an orange spritzer! Then for appetizers he orders hamachi shots for himself! That is one of my favorite items on the menu but I can’t have it at the moment since I am pregnant. Then for the main course I got the miso cod and the hubby got a medium rare steak. The sides we got mac n cheese, string beans and truffle fries! The mac n cheese was seriously amazing!! Then we ended our meal with dessert of course a strawberry soufflé and Alexander’s gifted us a little chocolate cake and cotton candy!

This anniversary is so special to us since it will be the last anniversary that it will just be us! This time next year baby girl will be here and we will be a family of three!!

Susies Cupcakes
Susie Cakes Chocolate Cake
Pina Colada Cotton Candy
Our sides and the hubbys steak
Miso Cod
Hamachi Shots
My Mocktail
Strawberry Soufflé

Buying A Home!

The hubby and I was finally able to purchase our first home together in April 2022!! We got to finally move in June 25, 2022. It’s been a journey to getting a home in the bay area! It is so competitive in the bay area so we really did not have high expectations. We’ve been wanting to buy our own home for the past two years so we have been saving for a down payment. It helped that we lived with the In-Laws for a year and a half to save money!

So I got pregnant and we really wanted to have our own space so we started really looking in February 2022 and would go to open houses every weekend. It took about a month of looking till we landed on this house! We just put in an offer and the original home buyers picked us! It was such a happy day for the both of us!! The process in the bay area is fast you go see the house on the weekend then the following Tuesday to Thursday the home owners will look at the offers and then pick someone! So we knew within a couple of days if we got the house or not!

We were so surprised that we got picked for the house getting the call from our relator was so surreal. I remember it was 8pm and I just finished working out and our relator called us and told us the news!! It took a month to close and do all the paper work for the home and getting a loan! Then we had to wait about 2 months till we moved in since we gave the original home owners 60 days rent back so they can buy their new home and then pack and move out.

So finally we are settling into our home and buying all this new furniture and buying all new utensils etc! It’s so exciting that the hubby and I get to live together just us after being together for 11 years! This is the first time we have our own space and it’s in OUR own home!!

I seriously love my home even though it is a town home and we share walls with other people at least our neighbors are quiet and the house is 3 stories but it’s nice and clean and OUR space and we get to pick everything for it!

The original home owners also took really good care of this house and they repainted the whole house, got new kitchen appliances and got new carpet for upstairs so it looks so new!

2022 has been a super blessing and now I am just nestling in my new home waiting for our baby girl to come and live in her home!!

This is the first floor with the fire place!! We plan on making this room baby girls play room!

Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Office/Guest Bedroom
Baby Girls Bedroom
This is our kitchen and living room! We plan on putting a coach and tv here!
First and Second Level (Dining Area)
Second Bathroom
Half Bathroom (Guest Bathroom)

Working Out in My Third Trimester

I have been working out throughout my whole pregnancy and I feel like it is super important to keep active and mobile while being pregnant! I don’t want to completely lose myself muscles and my abilities! I know that when I was sick with Endometriosis and had my laparoscopy I recovered faster since I was able to have the muscles to get myself out of bed and to walk around. So that mentality has stuck with me for my pregnancy.

Right now I still use sweat app working out 3 times a week and then walking 5 times a week for 35 mins. Here is a work out with weights that I do! I don’t go hard core I only use 5 pound weights! I know I can push harder but the hubby wont let me so I compromised with him! Also my workouts are about 20-30 mins.

I am so lucky to have my body allow me to still work out and be able to do the things that I want to! I know some woman get crazy swelling and I am glad I don’t have that yet! My belly is just growing bigger which makes it harder for me to walk around and I get out of breath faster but for the most part I can still move around and do everything myself!

Also before I work out I always start with a 5 min warmup and then after my workouts I do a quick 3-5 min cool down so I don’t injure myself!

Lastly if I am up for it I would do yoga or stretches on the days I don’t work out! I try to stretch out my muscles so they don’t tense up and I just want my muscles to be less stiff!

Goblet Sumo Squats 12 Reps 3x
Front Raise 15 Reps 3x
Romanian Deadlift 12 reps 3x
Bent Over Reverse Fly 15 reps 3x
Squat Puls 45sec
Table Top Jackknife 45 sec

Surviving Covid While Pregnant!

So one of my worse fears happened, I caught COVID during my pregnancy. It was during the end of my second trimester, I was 25-26 weeks pregnant. So I caught it from a family member which they told me right away when they got it. So I started testing using the rapid Covid tests and so for the first three days from my exposure to covid and it was negative but I was already feeling fatigue. I was taking naps on my second and third day of exposure to Covid. I knew it was not pregnancy fatigue it felt so different and more in my head that I was just soo exhausted and had a headache. Finally tested the fourth day and it showed up as positive on the rapid test. I definitely was tired and started having chest pains and had a fever. The fourth to sixth day was the worse for me! I had to sleep up right while i slept so I could breath better and help with the coughing. It felt like a really really bad flu. I was so miserable! But luckily the hubby didn’t catch it and was taking care of me the whole time. He got me Tylenol to eat since that was the only medicine safe during pregnancy to take to help with my headaches. The headaches was sooo bad!! He got me lots of pedialyte and gatorade to drink to get electrolytes in me! I drank so much water too since that was what my doctor told me to do is to keep hydrated! Finally felt better day 7 after a week of catching it where I was able to go for a walk around my neighborhood. I finally tested negative on day 8 of my quarantine! But hubby was paranoid that I can still spread it so I masked up to 10 days of catching COVID.

Man it was so miserable being so sick like this and being pregnant! I literally don’t wish it on anyone. I believe that this strain was so bad that you are congested, super tired and have a huge headache. So your coughing hard, and always having to blow your nose and just tired. Luckily I had my booster shot last year. I feel like it really helped me recover faster and within the time frame! Also I have asthma so anything with not being able to breath scares me! So glad I was able to survive this and not have to be hospitalized.

The hubby made me a care package next to my bed!!

Eating Tapas at VACA in Costa Mesa

The hubby and I visited Irvine end of January 2022 and early February 2022 to celebrate the hubbies bday! Our friends took us to this really amazing tapas place!

I was actually 5 weeks pregnant during this time and just found out that I was pregnant so I couldn’t drink and eat raw food and jamon =( But the hubby said that all of it was delicious!

The ambiance and service was great here too! It was busy on a Saturday so I highly suggest you make a reservation.

Pan Con Tomate (Toasted Bread, garlic, olive oil, tomato pulp) 5 out of 5
La Bola (Crispy Potato and Ground Beef Balls) 4 out of 5
The Vaca Tonic
Alpha Omega Wine!! Of course 5 out of 5

Pulpo A La Gallega (Spanish Octopus) 4 out of 5
Jamon Iberico De Bellota Cinco Jotas, 3 Cheeses, Charcutier Board 5 out of 5
Gambas Al Ajillo (Sauteed Shrimp with Grilled Bread) 5 out of 5
Canelon De Pollo Ahumado (Smoked chicken cannoli) 3 out of 5
Paella De Mariscos (Seafood Paella) 5 out of 5
Prime Ribeye Steak 5 out of 5

My Experience at IChina in San Jose

Finally got to try out IChina at Valley Fair in San Jose. I went January 2022. It was such a great experience I took the family my hubby, twin sister, my brother in law, niece and mother to try it out and to take them for buying a home!!

It was a set menu and I thought it was good it was a Chinese infused style with a modern twist. This was a great place to at least try once and to go for a special occasion! Also the service was fantastic! Our waiter was super nice. For me a good experience is the waiter giving us good service and good food and this place had both! Also the ambiance and the decorations is amazing!

Event the bathroom was really nice!! It seemed like I was in Emerald City lol!
The Set Menu You Only Get to Pick One from Each Category!
Lost in Shanghai
Lucky Jade
Dumplings 5 out of 5
Ginseng Chicken Broth 4 out of 5
Seafood Hot and Sour Soup 5 out of 5
Chilean Sea Bass 5 out of 5
Pork Belly 5 out of 5
XO Fried Rice 5 out of 5
Beef Wagyu 5 out of 5
Hokkaido Scallop and Prawns 5 out of 5
Matcha Roulade 5 out of 5
Creamy Crème Brule 5 out of 5

Half Moon Bay with the Hubby Dec 2021

The hubby and I went to Half Moon Bay and stayed at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and it was soooo amazing!! We wanted to get away since we were so stressed from me recovering from my laparoscopy, then went right to doing IVF and then got a miscarriage! So this was such a nice treat to just get away since Half Moon Bay is not too far of a drive for us as well. It was only an hour and a half drive from San Jose.

We went in the beginning of December and there were Christmas decorations up already so it made the hotel look really festive. The weather wasn’t too cold as well we went on a great weekend with no clouds! We went to Devil’s Slide Coastal Trail to look at some nice views and then ate at the Ritz Carlton restaurant. We even walked around downtown Half Moon Bay to get some treats.

We even did our first couples massage!! The hubby hates massages but he actually liked his masseuse. After our massage we got to hang out in the jacuzzi to relax together and have some champagne that was gifted to us by the hotel! Such a relaxing weekend and highly recommend to stay at the Ritz Carlton if you can!

Us in the Jacuzzi after getting our couples massage!
Ritz Carlton Private Beach Watching the Sunset
The Ritz Carlton
Walkway to the Private Beach from Ritz Carlton

How I Stay Active During Pregnancy

My work out plans right now is using the Sweat App and doing lifting or HIIT workouts but modifying the moves. I do at least 3 or 4 workouts per week! I also try to walk 5 times a week for 35min a day. My walks really help me clear my mind and keep my cortisol levels down which is so important for me! I get high anxiety so I easily stress myself out so having my own time to wind down and get some vitamin D is so good for me!!