In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The hubby and I did In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in September 2021 and this journey was seriously so crazy. I seriously wasn’t expecting how emotional and scary it was! Just booking an appointment with the IVF doctor took months! I will let you know step by step of my journey and will let you know how much it cost for me to do one round of IVF!

Steps That I Took in My IVF Journey:

  1. Called my Insurance to See if IVF is covered
  2. Confirmed IVF is covered up to 10K
  3. Looked at the list of IVF clinics that would be covered under my insurance. This step is crucial to find a doctor and clinic you like so I googled and read reviews on each doctor! Yes it’s a lot of work but so important! Especially if you have no idea where to start! You always want a good doctor with good stats.
  4. Found Dr. Ezzati who is under Sutter Health and called to book a consultation with him!
  5. I started looking in January 2021 and wasn’t able to have our first consultation until March 2021!
  6. Had my video consultation with Dr. Ezzati and knew that I really liked him and would be able to work with him!
  7. Sutter Health called me to book a financial consultation to go over the cost of IVF and if I was ok with that we would proceed with the IVF process!
  8. I finally was able to start my IVF journey in August where the doctor was able to give me my IVF schedule telling me the whole break down of getting shots, egg retrieval and egg transfer! Here is my schedule below literally showing you the break down of everything!

I didn’t get to start my first round of IVF till much later in the year cause I had to get my laparoscopy to remove my endometriosis and endometriomas first before I did my IVF! I was in too much pain to just wait it out!

So my schedule shows that I started the shots in September 2021 and then ended in October 2021.

Before you start the journey getting the injection medication was a pain! You literally have to look at the list of places that the IVF Clinic provides and call each place for pricing. But luckily I had one pharmacy that my insurance took so I just went with them.

Something I had to learn the hard way in this process is not double checking the orders that the pharmacy sent! I was so overwhelmed and didn’t really understand what I was looking at. But know that each medication you get you will need specific syringes to go with it and that was one mistake I didn’t look out for since no one told me! So on the day when I was supposed to start my stimulation medications I didn’t have specific syringes to complete my shots for the night! SOOO STRESSFUL!! I was literally scrambling calling pharmacies near by for it. The IVF pharmacy that I went with is out of state so that was tough trying to figure it out last minute.

Here is a video of the hubby giving me my daily injections! It really does hurt it stings so badly after wards!

For one round of IVF costs about 30k. About 10-15k for medication, 5-10k on egg retrieval and then 5k on egg transfer. So the total I paid out of pocket with insurance was about 10K since I had to pay for my medications and egg transfer. Luckily insurance helped me out with the egg retrieval part!

This is me getting my egg retrieved and I only got 7! Out of the 7 eggs only 4 attached with the sperm and 1 made it to an embryo where I was able to get the embryo transfer done!

Here is my little embryo in my uterus!! It actually stuck for two weeks and then I got a miscarriage but at least this little embryo made me a momma for the first time!!!!

This journey was long but so worth it! I can’t believe that couples have to do this multiple times!! Seriously infertility warriors are insanely strong and I am always in aww of them!!! Wouldn’t change my journey for the world! The best part is that I get to be a part of such a supportive community!

Infertility Journey

My Journey to getting pregnant has been insane! I have been trying to conceive since 2019. The hubby and I tried right after we got married! We thought that it would be easy to get pregnant and seriously we did not think we would be one of those couples who would have trouble! All my family and friends didn’t struggle conceiving so I thought alright lets just do it around my fertile window and boom I’ll get pregnant!

Boy I was so wrong! So I download the Flo App after couple of months with no results to track my periods and my fertile window. Even with tracking my cycle I still didn’t get pregnant. I started going crazy and researching like crazy about infertility and how to make myself more fertile!

In the infertility world I guess you aren’t really infertile unless you’ve been trying for a year so thats what my husband and I were doing we just kept trying every month. But I knew in my gut something was off with my body! My periods were never on time and were always longer than the normal 7 days! Also I always had spotting before my periods which I thought was really weird too.

With no results after a year I started looking into natural remedies that I could help my body! I found an acupuncturist and started going twice a month! During acupuncture I found that it really helped me with my anxiety and to help me relax. I started focusing on myself which I really needed to do to get pregnant!

I also started a bean protocol! I saw that this protocol could help with Endometriosis and Infertility just by eating beans 3-6 times a day! I seriously wanted to try everything that I could! I actually stressed myself out by doing so many things! But with my A type personality I felt like I could do it all and I am impatient I want things done right away. If I can do something and control what I can do I am going to do it!

So at the time of trying I was in a really high stressed job which most likely did not help with getting pregnant. I would work crazy hours and be soo stressed out that always put me in a bad mood and caused me crazy anxiety.

Right after trying for a year I booked an appointment with an OBGYN at Stanford to check out my body and to tell them of my incident at the ER during Thanksgiving 2020. I was in so much pain and was throwing up like crazy in the bathroom that later led me to go check it out at the ER which they only diagnosed me with a cyst on my left side. So the OBGYN at Stanford said that they would just monitor my cyst for me which I would go get an ultrasound once a month.

Every time I would get an Ultrasound I would get worse news about my cyst. First check up it grew from like 2 cm to 3 cm. Second checkup they found another cyst on my right ovary. Third check up both cysts grew and would continue to grow up to 6cm until I got a laparoscopy to remove them.

So right after getting my laparoscopy in July 2021 I went through In Vitro Fertility (IVF) in September 2021 and this was super stressful! Honestly I don’t know how people do IVF more than once! It really takes lots of courage and money to go through one round of IVF! I rested a couple of months and wanted to get my baby ASAP! So I found an infertility doctor at Sutter Health and Dr. Ezzati was amazing and helpful. I started IVF meds and went through the whole process to retrieve my eggs and to put the fertilized embryo back in my uterus.

IVF worked for me but i got a miscarriage after 3 weeks. I was so devastated but I looked at the bright side and was happy to know that I could carry a child! That confirmed something for me that I was fearing. So after a year of all this craziness I took a break from EVERYTHING that I was doing and just focused on trying to be happy. Then BOOM January 2022 I took a pregnancy test and it was actually POSITIVE!!! I tried naturally with the hubby in December and our miracle baby was formed!!